About Reground Organics

ReGround Organics is an emerging specialty recycling company that meets the growing demand for responsible waste diversion, specifically coffee waste. Over the previous two years we have been collecting and composting waste coffee grounds that otherwise would have retired to community landfills. Our composted product has been used for the same horticultural purpose as peat loam and composted wood products. Together peat loam, composted wood products and coffee are beneficial to soil mixes as they provide: structure for water retention and the movement of air, nitrogen sources to feed bacteria, aid with composting and feed the plants, and an aesthetically pleasing dark colour that is desired by consumers.

ReGround Organics ' unique collection, recycling and manufacturing process gives us the ability to create quality consumer products while minimizing the environmental impact of manufacturing and our coffee consumption. Through this we reduce the quantity of waste created as part of our everyday life and lessen the impact we have on our limited natural resources.



ReGround Organics is committed to continue the development of our high quality soils and amendments based on diverting beneficial and plentiful coffee grounds from our waste system. To achieve this goal we are partnering with forward thinking businesses and property owners to steadily increase the amount of coffee grounds that are substituted for other limited natural resources.

This year the quantity of product produced at ReGround Organics will be restricted due to a finite volume of finished, composted coffee grounds. Therefore, our primary focus in 2015 is on developing the supply line and related infrastructure in order to facilitate growth of the quantity of material collected.

Additionally to this we will continue product development and production to have available outputs for the expected increase of diverted product. This includes the final development of two (2) additional horticultural products to complete our initial line of retail soils and expansion into biomass production.