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Most coffee grounds currently being repurposed after initial use come from manufacturers of products like instant coffee. ReGround Organics is focused on creating a sustainable product for consumers at a relatable retail level. This makes us unique! The following categories and associated detail outline the potential markets for product created from the diverted coffee waste.

Soils and Ammenders

High End Retail Consumers

In the bagged soil market we see high end horticulture as the correct position for this product based on the following:

  • The majority of marketing in this sub-group is focused on the same factors: water retention, additional fertilizer or growth agents and a brand name.
  • There are some "organic" products that exist; however, they cannot claim the same positive nutritional values or long term benefits - due generally to a lack of nitrogen fertilizer.
  • ReGround Organics products can make the same claims as the high end products but are differentiated by the replacement of basic components with a recycled and sustainable product.
  • Further development of waste coffee products including both a nitrogen rich turf grass amendment and organic fertilizer.

Landscape Industry

There are opportunities for businesses and individuals to profit from the storage and composting of materials and using the finished product as a substitute in their soil production.

  • This market is pending based on the number of locations and volume of material collected.

Other Markets

  • Opportunities for commercial property owners to use ReGround Organics soils and mulches thus reusing their own former waste products to promote sustainability to their own consumers.
  • Pending follow up on our research and development; ReGround Organics can offer products for use on large scale agricultural land, i.e. farm fields.
  • Opportunities in the Vermicomposting (worm) industry where it is used as a food source and moisture retainer.

Current Partnerships


You can pick up our product at these fine retailers and at their outlets ...
Arnts - The Landscape Supplier
Tillsonburg Garden Gate


Cloverdale Mall
Eglinton Square
Bentall Kennedy

We are now Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) approved, as well as being 2015 RCO Gold Award Winners

Recycling Council of Ontario

Recycling Council of Ontario

Partner with us, an emerging, rapidly growing, ecologically friendly company!

Partnership Opportunites

We invite you to get your hands dirty with us!

We are interested in partners to join our sustainable mission in all aspects of this project. The opportunity to become an integral part of promoting our sustainable future is available:

  • Businesses that are interested in reducing the effect they have on waste products through diversion;
  • Businesses that supply quality horticultural products and are concerned about their impact on the environment;
  • Partners who want to promote responsible consumption in our communities, and
  • Consumers who want to reduce the effects they have on the environmental future of our world.

ReGround Organics has huge potential ahead and we look forward to the prospect of growing with you!

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We collect and repurpose coffee waste and turn it into reusable products, such as potting soils

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We are interested in partners to join our sustainable mission in all aspects of our projects.

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Our premier retail product, "Sustainable Potting Mix", is ready to hit stores for May 1, 2015.

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