Our Products

Our premier retail product, "Sustainable Potting Mix", is ready to hit stores for the spring of 2015.

The product has been cultivated through 18 months of laboratory and practical testing. ReGround Organics is proud to present individuals and businesses with the opportunity to remove their "coffee footprint".

To date we have been partnering exclusively with Cloverdale Mall and Eglinton Square, both who are currently engaged in diverting all used coffee grounds from their waste stream.

The gardens at the above two locations are also some of the first testing sites for the product. For two seasons waste coffee grounds have been used to amend the soil and as a mulching agent instead of the wood product normally required. The result of this simple action is to save both waste and money while utilizing a previously overlooked resource.

Our first product "Sustainable Potting Mix" offers consumers the distinct opportunity to "remove their coffee footprint". The average Canadian drinks approximately 2.8 cups of coffee per day, according to the Canadian Coffee Association. This average person is then able to re-purpose the waste coffee grounds produced by 53 cups of coffee with the purchase of each bag of our "Sustainable Potting Mix".


You can pick up our product at these fine retailers and at their outlets ...
Arnts Top Soil
Tillsonburg Garden Gate

Cloverdale Mall
Eglinton Square