Our Process


ReGround Organics is a new Ontario green energy company. We collect waste coffee grounds and recycle them into usable products. We want the drink that over 22.5M Canadian's drink every day to be recycled and turned into resulable products and fuels that in turn can power our neighbourhoods, our towns, our cities, our country, and ultimately our world.


Waste Coffee Grounds are produced in Canada's coffee shops and instant coffee factories, offices and homes. Each year over 300,000 tonnes of coffee are produced. Currently this waste is incinerated, sent to AD plants or disposed of in landfill, releasing harmful green house gases and contributing to the world's waste crisis. We collect that waste and reuse it meeting the growing demand for responsible waste diversion.


ReGround Organics uses a sophisticated coffee waste recycling infrastructure process to collect this waste and transport it to our local processing plant.


ReGround Organics then uses an innovative, patent-pending technique to process this waste into new and future products. Currently the company produces a sustainable potting soil. We work with people on the cutting edge of innovation and technology within the recycling and green energy sector. From waste collection experts, to talented bio-chemical engineers, we have a dynamic team with a broad range of expertise.


ReGround Organics sells our new product in the form of a Sustainable Potting Soil to business and consumers.


You can pick up our product at these fine retailers and at their outlets ...
Arnts Top Soil
Tillsonburg Garden Gate

Cloverdale Mall
Eglinton Square



coffee grounds are a versatile, nutrient-rich leftover of the coffee production process. Coffee grounds contain nitrogen,phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium and copper. Used coffee grounds are ideal as a compost additive and nitrogen rich fertilizer. Coffee grounds are solely a soil amendment and not a fertilizer.

Coffee grounds can be turned into a cheap, reusable, clean and environmentally friendly bio fuel product. Coffee grounds as a firelog burns brighter and hotter than sawdust logs while producing 85 percent less carbon monoxide



The future is bright for ReGround Organics as we are looking at advanced biofuel products, namely biomass pellets, biodiesel and firelogs. We intend to create biofuels that will sell to business and industry where they will be used for powering buildings and for transportation. ReGround Organics' fuels will be highly calorific and will be 100% carbon-neutral. This biofuel product will provide a cheap, reusable, clean and environmentally friendly, locally produced alternative to conventional fuels. Also we are looking at producing a coffee ground firelog. It said that coffee grounds release more heat than wood when they're burned. Coffee grounds as a firelog burns brighter and hotter than sawdust logs while producing 85 percent less carbon monoxide than traditional firewood.